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Mountain Dew Has Something New its Fans May Love

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Mountain Dew Has Something New its Fans May Love

Every year, it seems like holiday decorations start hitting shelves just a little bit earlier than the year before. Consumers, for the most part, aren’t complaining — particularly when Halloween festivities start revving up in August. These lovingly-named Holiday Creeps are out combing stores like TJ Maxx (TJX) Marshalls , Bath & Body Works (BBWI) and more, looking for the cutest, cleverest, and creepiest items to haunt their house (sometimes all year round).

Now it seems that PepsiCo (PEP) brand soda Mountain Dew is also down with the spooky spirit. The company just announced a Halloween team-up that will let you “Do the Dew” in a whole new way. Mountain Dew is known for its creative flavor releases, of which there have been dozens over the years. From mainstay flavors like Baja Blast and Code Red to limited edition bottles of flavors like Pitch Black, Mountain Dew is determined to corner the market in mainstream novelty sodas.

This year, in celebration of the year’s most horrific holiday, Mountain Dew is re-releasing its fourth annual brand of creepy, carbonated beverage called VOO-DEW. The flavor, which comes out a ghostly white color, has been compared to that of various sour candies. While this fizzy-phantom soda may not be news, it comes with a new partnership that Halloween and Mountain Dew fans will think is absolutely to die for.

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Mountain Dew Gets Into the Spirit of Halloween

Thanks to Mountain Dew and beloved Halloween staple store Spirit of Halloween, fans will be able to spend Halloween this year decked out in their favorite Dew look. That’s right, a household name in Halloween costumes, supplies, and accoutrement will play host to four unique Mountain Dew costumes.

For fans of the soda company’s more outrageous flavors, there are now special edition Baja Blast and Code Red can costumes. Both of these flavors have become their own kind of pop culture icon, thanks in part to their rather eccentric team-up with beloved food chain Taco Bell (yum) .

Of course, if you’re a fan of the classics, Spirit of Halloween and Mountain Dew have a costume for you, too. Fans likely won’t miss the chance to dress up as the classic Mountain Dew bottle. And if you’re committed to Doing the Dew but you also want to keep with the scary vibes of the season, there’s a Mountain Dew Voo-Dew costume complete with a grim reaper-type look. Because even the Grim Reaper can’t say no to the satisfying fizz of an ice-cold Mountain Dew. Where Can Fans Find These Dew-licious Costumes?

Where Can Fans Find These Dew-licious Costumes?

Don’t worry, these horribly-fun pieces of soda-pop memorabilia haven’t sold out yet — but it won’t be surprising when they do. While supplies last, the fizzy four-pack of Mountain Dew costumes will be available at SpiritofHalloween.com beginning September 1st. This is definitely a limited-edition drop, so it’s hard to say how long you’ll have to snag them. According to the company’s press release, it is advised that you check out the costumes “scary early” lest you be the only spooky soda at the party without a can.

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