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Musk denies sexually harassing flight attendants, Tesla plummets nearly 6.5% |

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Musk denies sexually harassing flight attendants, Tesla plummets nearly 6.5% |

Business Insider reported on Thursday (19th) that SpaceX, the world’s richest man, paid a $250,000 settlement to a flight attendant in 2018 to settle allegations of sexual harassment by the company’s founder and CEO Musk. Affected, Tesla plummeted nearly 6.5% on Friday (20th).

The report pointed out that the flight attendant who served on the SpaceX G650ER private jet in 2016 exposed his lower body and touched the flight attendant’s thigh, and also asked for a horse in exchange for improper massage services, but the flight attendant refused Musk. The content was significantly changed, and then the flight attendant filed a complaint with the SpaceX personnel department in 2018, in exchange for a $250,000 severance payment as a cover fee.

SpaceX did not respond to the news, but Musk has vehemently denied the allegations. He tweeted on Friday that he solemnly declares that these crazy allegations are completely untrue and that the news is meant to interfere with his potential acquisition of Twitter.

Sam Abuelsamid, an analyst at Guidehouse Insights, pointed out that looking at sexual harassment from a PR point of view, it may disappoint investors.

In addition, before the sexual harassment scandal broke out, Musk tweeted on Wednesday that he no longer supports the U.S. Democratic Party, because the Democratic Party is a party of division and hatred. He will vote for the Republican Party in the future, while also proclaiming that the future He will suffer more “political attacks” himself. A boycott of Tesla (#BoycottTesla) emerged on the social platform Twitter, with car owners threatening to cancel Tesla orders.

Tesla crashed more than 10% on Friday and closed down nearly 6.5%, wiping about $66 billion from its market value, as the sexual harassment scandal and Musk’s recent political rhetoric threaten to damage Tesla’s brand and sales.

South Korean investment guru Li Nanyu pointed out that one of Tesla’s biggest risks is that Musk himself is not an exaggeration at all. Tesla shareholders must pay attention to key people. Don’t forget that Musk has sold his company twice.

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