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NetJets Expands Diverse Fleet To Meet Growing Demand

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NetJets Expands Diverse Fleet To Meet Growing Demand

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As a leader in private aviation, NetJets has nearly 60 years of experience and knew it needed to offer its customers a diverse fleet of top-of-the-line aircraft.

With more than 800 jets ready to deploy within hours, that’s exactly what NetJets has done, as the company continues to expand and modernize its fleet, the largest of any private airline. As part of a multi-billion dollar multi-year fleet investment, NetJets is buying more than 175 new aircraft, nearly 80 of which will be delivered in 2022.

The key to the NetJets model is its ability to provide the right equipment (industry term for aircraft) at the right time and place for any given customer mission. In fact, NetJets guarantees this. If what the customer asks for is not available, they will get a higher grade device.

The NetJets fleet consists of 10 core models spanning five jet classes: light, mid-size, super mid-size, large and long-range. Read on to learn more about these classifications and how they meet the needs of NetJets customers.

light jet for short trips

These jets are ideal for flying for up to 4 hours and can carry up to 6 passengers.

Here, NetJets relies on the Embraer Phenom 300/E, known for its versatility. The Phenom 300/E is capable of taking off and landing on short runways, with a maximum cruise speed of 495 mph, allowing access to small airports typical of remote areas. However, relative to its size, the aircraft also offers generous cargo space. It’s ideal for business trips in and out of New York or an impromptu trip to Miami: feel free to load up on beach toys and umbrellas.

Given the high demand for the Phenom 300/E, NetJets is working with Embraer to purchase up to 100 units. Deliveries will begin in the US and Europe in 2023.

Medium option

NetJets offers three midsize and two super midsize jets. The first is the Cessna Citation XLS, a seven-seater aircraft known for its ability to get in and out of smaller airports. Next up is the Citation Sovereign, lauded for its long range (7 hours and 15 minutes), especially its high altitude performance (think: the Rockies). The Citation Latitude is the leader in midsize cabins, and its spaciousness, comfort and smooth runway-to-runway performance make it one of the carriers’ most popular choices.

In the super mid-size category, the lineup continues to impress, starting with the Bombardier Challenger 350, a versatile aircraft that is nimble enough to accommodate shorter runways but still capable of performing coast-to-coast flights. But what really sets NetJets apart is its recently expanded Cessna Citation Longitudes.

NetJets worked closely with Textron Aviation to design its Citation Longitude to meet customer needs. The planes feature consumer electronics, larger windows and ample legroom. The planes, which can seat up to eight passengers, are also fast, cruising at 547 mph. The plane has a range of over 7 hours and can take you across the country or to Hawaii.

jumbo jet for transcontinental travel

On the jumbo jet side, NetJets has a Bombardier Challenger 650, a world-class transcontinental aircraft that can fly with 11 passengers at a top cruising speed of 540 mph and complete up to 8 hours 45 minutes flight.

Offering industry-leading comfort, the 650 offers passengers a wide range of workplace, communication and entertainment solutions. The list begins with NetJets Connects Text & Talk, the carrier’s proprietary talk and text enabler. Next up is the NetJets On-Demand in-flight entertainment system, accessible via a personal high-definition monitor.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and universal power outlets make connecting easy, and there’s a full-service kitchen so flight attendants can nourish passengers in style.

Long-range jets for interplanetary flight

Need to get from Seattle to Beijing, or San Francisco to Sydney? Check out NetJets’ long-range jets.

In addition to the Bombardier Global 5500 and Global 6000, NetJets now flies the all-new Bombardier Global 7500. This high-performance aircraft can reach more destinations faster than ever before. In fact, NetJets’ largest and fastest jet, the Global 7500 is now the company’s new flagship aircraft.

The cabin boasts a full range of electronic features, including intuitive lighting and climate controls and an entertainment system, which can be enjoyed on a 40-inch 4K screen. Ergonomic comfort features include plush Nuage seats as well as Bombardier’s proprietary HEPA filtration system and circadian rhythm lighting, features that help improve in-flight comfort and post-flight adaptation to new time zones.

In addition to this, there is a fully equipped, full-service, state-of-the-art kitchen, providing your dedicated NetJets crew with everything you need to serve you quality in-flight meals, complemented by renowned wine merchant Bart NetJets curated wine selection by Araujo and exclusively available on the company’s Global 7500.

Inside the cockpit, your pilots will appreciate excellent visibility and advanced fly-by-wire technology. When it’s time for rest, the crew can go back to their private areas. Features such as these reflect NetJets’ focus on security and service.

Visit NetJets.com to experience the Global 7500

Wide range and laser focus

NetJets complements the range and diversity of its fleet with a commitment to specialization: each NetJets pilot focuses on a single piece of equipment, becoming an expert in its operations. On top of that, the average flying experience of most NetJets captains far exceeds the industry standard.

NetJets maintenance personnel are also specialized and understand the complexities of a limited pool of aviation assets. NetJets’ equipment also never leaves the supervision of its flight or maintenance personnel. With NetJets, the best equipment is combined with highly trained flight and maintenance personnel to create a company culture that provides unmatched safety.

Why choose NetJets?

NetJets pioneered the shared (partial) ownership model, allowing more travelers to experience the flexibility and convenience of private jet travel and providing them access to more than 5,000 airports in more than 200 countries and territories.

With its diverse and continuously updated fleet, NetJets gives travelers the choice they need, wherever they want to go.

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