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Nissan Announces All-New Fourth-Generation X-Trail Launched in Japan on 7/25 | Anue – Eurasian Shares

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Nissan Announces All-New Fourth-Generation X-Trail Launched in Japan on 7/25 | Anue – Eurasian Shares

Nissan Motor (Nissan) on Wednesday (20th) released a brand new remodeled “X-Trail” SUV, which will be launched in the Japanese market next Monday (25th), starting at 3,198,800 yen, and the top model G e- 4ORCE sells for 4.499 million yen.

The 4th-generation X-Trail, which has been completely redesigned, continues the “Tough Gear” DNA from the first generation, adds “high-quality” elements, and is equipped with the second-generation “e-POWER” transmission system and “e-4ORCE” Electric four-wheel drive technology.

Nissan announced the all-new fourth-generation X-Trail in Japan on 7/25 (Photo: Provided by Nissan)

Nissan said that the all-new X-Trail is an SUV that can meet various usage scenarios of consumers, whether it is for daily life or outdoor activities.

The new-generation X-Trail adopts a newly designed lightweight chassis with improved body rigidity. In terms of sound insulation design, by completely blocking road and engine noise, the quietness of the interior space is greatly improved. In addition, the second-generation “e-POWER” is adopted in the transmission system. Through the comprehensive upgrade of the drive motor and inverter, the power is stronger and smoother, and the quietness is better.

As for the engine, the new-generation X-Trail uses a specially tuned VC-Turbo engine to generate the electricity needed for the vehicle to run.

In addition, through the adoption of the e-Pedal Step single-pedal mode, the driver can easily control the vehicle speed by pressing and releasing the accelerator pedal.

This time, the X-Trail is equipped with “e-4ORCE” electric four-wheel drive technology. There is a powerful drive motor at the front and rear of the vehicle, which can precisely control the power output of each wheel, and can play a good off-road on mountain roads or snow. Ability, good driving feeling.

In terms of other equipment, there are 360-degree surround view system, ProPILOT intelligent driving assistance system, NaviLink function, ProPILOT Park automatic parking technology, SOS emergency notification system, active LED headlight system and other advanced functions.

The instrumentation is equipped with a 12.3-inch advanced driver assistance display and a 10.8-inch large HUD head-up display. The center console uses a 12.3-inch NissanConnect navigation system with voice recognition. The sound system adopts the BOSE Premium Sound System with 9 speakers, and the car is also equipped with a 100V 1500W socket, which can supply power to various electrical products, which is very practical for camping or emergency situations.

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