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once rose nearly 1 cent to close at 29.556 yuan, climbing a 3-week high | Anue Juheng-Forex

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<Taiwan Dollar> once rose nearly 1 cent to close at 29.556 yuan, climbing a 3-week high | Anue Juheng-Forex

Taipei stock exchange staged a double-rising trend today (25th), the broader market rebounded more than 100 points, recovered 16,000 and the short average. The NTD/USD exchange rate expanded after noon, and once appreciated nearly 100%, the final increase slightly converged, and the appreciation It closed at 29.556 yuan at 6.6 cents, a three-week high, with a total transaction value of US$1.144 billion in Taipei and Yuantai foreign exchange markets.

The US dollar index has been falling for several days, and the exchange rate of the New Taiwan dollar against the US dollar has also rebounded from a trough recently. Today, it successfully surpassed the 29.6 yuan level. In the afternoon, there was a surge in foreign exchange selling, which once rose to 29.526 yuan, an appreciation of as much as 9.6 points, and finally closed at 29.556 yuan. , rose 6.6 points, a new high since May 5, the Taipei foreign exchange market turnover was 884 million US dollars, the Yuantai foreign exchange market turnover was 260 million US dollars, the recent trading is still relatively deserted.

The Nasdaq and Feihan U.S. stocks fell by more than 2% on Tuesday, but Taiwan stocks got rid of the slump today, led by electronic stocks, and traditional industry stocks generally rose. Convergence, rose 140 points, closed at 16104 points, regained the 5th and 10th line, and foreign capital returned to buy more than 5.073 billion yuan.

European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde said that by the end of September, the key interest rate may be brought out of negative territory, and further interest rates will be raised, encouraging the euro to continue to rebound and the dollar to touch a new one-month low. The Federal Reserve is about to start shrinking its balance sheet in June, with the Federal Reserve Bank of New York forecasting a reduction of $2.5 trillion to $5.9 trillion by mid-2025.

The recent exchange rate trend of the New Taiwan Dollar. (Picture: Juheng.com)

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