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pms funds: PMS funds that managed to outperform Nifty by a wide margin in July

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pms funds: PMS funds that managed to outperform Nifty by a wide margin in July

NEW DELHI: As Nifty bounced back in July, some of India’s richest investors made double of what the index gave last month. While the headline index gave a return of 8.73 per cent, PMS funds delivered up to 17.43 per cent.

Latest data pulled from PMSbazaar shows that Lake Water Advisors’ multicap fund was the top performer last month. Hem Securities’ India Rising SME Stars fund, which focuses on smallcaps, came next with 17 per cent return, followed by Purnartha Investment Advisers and Unique Asset Management.

Among star fund managers, Saurabh Mukherjea-led Marcellus made a comeback with a return of 14.4 per cent in his popular multicap Consistent Compounders fund, which focuses only on high quality names that can compound for 8-10 years. His Kings of Capital fund delivered 13.5 per cent return while Rising Giants gave 10.96 per cent.

Ask Investment Managers gave double-digit returns in all four funds – Financial Opportunities, India Select Portfolio, Indian Entrepreneurship and Growth Portfolio. Returns varied between 12.64 per cent to 16.16 per cent.

Alchemy’s High Growth fund also outperformed Nifty by delivering 10.82 per cent return. Atul Suri’s Marathon Trends multicap fund that focuses on megatrends also outsmarted Nifty with 10.57 per cent return.

Sunil Singhania’s Abakkus Emerging Opportunities fund on small and midcaps delivered 10.30 per cent while Prashant Khemka-led White Oak Capital also managed a 10 per cent return along with Samir Arora’s Helios Capital.

Devina Mehra-led First Global’s India Super 50 multicap fund delivered 7.67 per cent return while its Multi-Asset Fund gave 5.84 per cent return.

In the month of July, BSE 500 delivered 9.5 per cent while Nifty Midcap 100 gave 12 per cent and BSE Smallcap 9.16 per cent.

If the last one-year period is considered, then Counter Cyclical Investment’s fund betting on smallcaps and midcaps topped the charts with a return of 34.15 per cent, followed by Right Horizons (27.9 per cent) and Molecule Ventures (21.44 per cent).

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