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Police Close DUI Investigation Into Anne Heche’s Car Crash

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Police Close DUI Investigation Into Anne Heche’s Car Crash

Top line

The Los Angeles Police Department has ended the investigation into a car accident involving actor Anne Heche, who was declared brain dead earlier this week after crashing her car into a house.

Key Facts

No further investigative efforts will be made in the case and officers will not pursue the case posthumously, the department said Friday in a statement to the Associated Press, adding that any records or information that have already been requested will be collected as “a matter of formalities.”

The department does not present evidence to the District Attorney for filing consideration if a suspect dies, the spokesperson said.

The accident was being investigated as a felony DUI traffic collision, and the department said last week that they found “presence of a narcotic” in a preliminary blood draw, although they noted further testing would be necessary.

On Thursday, Heche’s family in a statement to ABC News said she was unlikely to survive the injuries she sustained in the crash, and on Friday she was declared brain dead, which under California law means she is considered legally deceased.

Heche remains on life support as a Los Angeles organ and tissue bank evaluates if she is a match for organ donation, a representative told media outlets this week.

Key Background

On August 5 at around 11 am, Heche crashed her Mini Cooper into a two-story home in Mar Vista, a neighborhood of Los Angeles. The accident sparked a blaze that took 59 firefighters more than an hour to put out and destroy the residence. A GoFundMe started by the homeowner’s sons has raised more than $164,000.

Further Reading

LAPD ends investigation into Anne Heche car crash (Associated Press)

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