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Reactions to Russia’s strike on Ukraine’s Odesa port By Reuters

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Reactions to Russia’s strike on Ukraine’s Odesa port By Reuters

© Reuters. A grain terminal is seen after Russian missiles hit the seaport of Odessa as Russia’s attack on Ukraine continues on July 23, 2022.Reuters/Stringer

Kyiv (Reuters) – A Russian strike at the Ukrainian port of Odessa on Saturday threatened a deal to aid food exports and ease the global food crisis.

Here is the global response:

United Nations Spokesperson

“The Secretary-General (Antonio Guterres) unequivocally condemned the strike in the Ukrainian port of Odessa today. Yesterday, the parties made a clear commitment on the global stage to ensure the safe delivery of Ukrainian grain and related products to global markets. “These products are urgently needed to solve the global food crisis and relieve the suffering of millions of people in need around the world.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

“This only proves one thing: whatever Russia says and promises, it will find ways not to execute (the food deal).”


A statement by the Russian Defense Ministry on Saturday outlining the progress of the war did not mention any strikes in Odessa. The ministry did not immediately respond to Reuters’ request for comment.

However, foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova retweeted the UN’s condemnation, saying: “UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres did not ‘clearly’ condemn the Kyiv regime for the killing of children in Donbass , that’s bad.”

Turkish Defense Minister Hurus Akar

“They (Ukrainian officials) said that one of the missiles hit a silo there and the other landed in an area near the silo, but there is no problem with the loading capacity and capacity of the terminal, which is important and the activity there can be keep going.

“The Russians have told us that they have absolutely nothing to do with the attack and they are looking at this very carefully and in detail. It is really worrying for us to have an incident like this after our agreement on food shipments yesterday.”

Ukraine Infrastructure Minister Oleksandr Kubrakov

“We continue to make technical preparations to initiate agricultural exports from our ports.”

German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock

“The cowardly missile attack on the port of Odessa shows that the signature of the Russian leadership is currently insignificant.”

U.S. Ambassador to Kyiv Bridget Fringe

“Outrageous. Russia attacked the port city of Odessa less than 24 hours after signing an agreement to allow agricultural exports. The Kremlin continues to weaponize food. Russia must be held accountable.”

EU foreign policy chief Joseph Borrell

“The attack on a target critical to food exports the day after the Istanbul agreement was signed is particularly reprehensible, and it once again demonstrates Russia’s complete disregard for international law and commitments.”

UK Foreign Minister LIZ TRUSS

“It is appalling that (Russian President) Vladimir Putin launched a completely unfounded attack on Odessa just one day after the agreement was reached.

“It shows that none of his words can be trusted and we need to urgently work with our international partners to find a better way to get food out of Ukraine without involving Russia and its broken promises.”

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Oleg Nikolenko

“Russian missiles are the spittle of Vladimir Putin in the face of UN Secretary-General António Guterres and Turkish President Recep Erdogan, who went to great lengths to reach a deal, for which Ukraine is grateful.”

Andrei Yermak, Chief of Staff of the President of Ukraine

“The Russians are systematically creating a food crisis, doing everything they can to make people suffer. The horror of famine continues. The world must act. The best food security is twofold: effective sanctions on Russia and more weapons on Ukraine. ”

Odessa Governor Maxim Marchenko

“Unfortunately, there were injuries. The port’s infrastructure was damaged.”

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