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Regulator’s noose starts to tighten around crypto scams

by WOOWinvest
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Regulator’s noose starts to tighten around crypto scams


First of all I don’t own any crypto.

I don’t get the feeling that you understand crypto and your whole agenda is just an ill conceived attempt to ensure Government must be notified by 3rd parties as to what taxes are due by investors.

It has been months now and you have not been able to determine a simple thing about MTI. DO THEY TRADE OR DONT THEY?????? Now if until now you have not concluded on this how did you give advise to investors IF YOUR ADVISE IS BACKED UP BY NOTHING???? Does this not sound much like what you are supposed to avoid happening???? 3rd parties giving investment advice that are not qualified to do so.

You are not qualified to give any advise (on a wing and a prayer) and please let your ANC handlers know nor do they!!!


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