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Rs 10,000 investment turns into Rs 5.2 lakh in 1 year, bumper returns on penny stock; here’s how

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Rs 10,000 investment turns into Rs 5.2 lakh in 1 year, bumper returns on penny stock;  here’s how

Multibagger stock alert: Stock market can be risky but can also bring bumper returns if investors can hit the jackpot with the right stocks. One such stock that was trading at just Rs 1 a little over a year ago, gave overwhelming returns to investors, finishing 2022 on a massive high. The stock in focus today belongs to Kaiser Corporation Limited.

Listed on the BSE, the small cap stock was trading at just a rupee per share back in November 2021 with a market cap of Rs 275 crore, livemint reported. Currently, the share of Kaiser Corporation is trading at Rs 52.25. This means the stock has grown by a huge 5200 percent. But this is not the zenith of the stock’s potential. In the middle of 2022, it gave a glimpse of how far it can skyrocket.

History of the multibagger stock’s rise

From Re 1 in November 2021, the stock was trading at Rs 3.50 on January 1, 2022. In less than six months, the stock skyrocketed to Rs 130.55 on April 29, 2022. That means, from November end, 2021 to April end, 2022, the stock had risen by 13,000 percent. That would have meant that an investment of Rs 10,000 would have become around Rs 13 lakh. However, the stock faced heat and its value waned to Rs 54.80 by December 30, 2022. The stock is slightly down today but it is trading at Rs 52.25.

Rs 10,000 turns to Rs 5.2 lakh, here’s how

If an investor would have put Rs 10,000 in this stock back in November 2021, the value of their holding would now be worth around Rs 5.2 lakh. However, investors should be aware that the right timing is important. An investment of Rs 10,000 in the stock in recent times would not have brought similar gains. Any investor who bought the stock around six months ago when the stock was on a massive high would now be seeing their holding at nearly half the value. Nevertheless, the stock is currently trading at less than 50 percent of its all-time high.

About the company

The stock is of Kaiser Corporation Limited, a company which is into printing and packaging services and specializes in prints labels, magazines, cartons and packaging materials in India.

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