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Samsung TV Black Friday Deals: Save on QLED, NeoQLED, and The Frame

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Samsung TV Black Friday Deals: Save on QLED, NeoQLED, and The Frame

Black Friday is in full swing, and while Samsung has been offering deals for the past few weeks, they’re spicing things up for the big sales day itself. If you’ve been holding off on buying a new TV (perhaps you hesitated during Prime Day this year), Samsung has got you covered, with deals up to $2,000 off their best selling products.

Our top pick? Right now, you can save up to $1,000 off The Frame TV, depending on the size you get. The top seller is the 55-inch Class Samsung The Frame Smart TV (2022), down to $999.99, originally $1,499.99. However, if you want to skip the artwork and dive straight into the QLED or OLED discounts, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our roundup of the best TV deals you can find during Samsung’s Black Friday sale.


Samsung Freestyle DealSamsung QLED DealsSamsung NeoQLED DealsSamsung OLED TV DealSamsung The Frame TV Deal

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Projector Pick: The Freestyle

If you really want an immersive experience at home, consider The Freestyle. With 180 degree design, you can get a big screen experience for a much smaller investment. It works best in dimly lit rooms, and you can access your streaming apps and use voice assistants to play content. The speaker will sound waves in every direction for a cinematic audio experience.

samsung q809b

QLED Pick: 65-inch Class QLED 4K Smart TV Q80B (2022)

With 4K upscaling, bright pops of color from the LED lights directly behind the screen, and Dolby Atmos for excellent sound, this will give you quite a bang for your buck for under $1,000. If you’re in the market for an exceptional picture optimized for you, the EyeComfort Mode can change the displays of blue light with sunrise and sunset times.

50-inch TV: $799.99, originally $999.9955-inch TV: $899.99, originally $1,199.9965-inch TV: $999.99, originally $1,499.9975-inch TV: $1,299.99, originally $2,299.9985-inch TV: $2,199.99, originally $3,299.

samsung neoqled

NeoQLED Pick: 65-inch Class QN800B Samsung NeoQLED 8K Smart TV (2022)

If you’re looking for some of the best picture quality Samsung has to offer, you’ll want to check out the NeoQLED offers. Featuring an Infinity Screen with near-invisible bezel, the attachable Slim One Connect will keep your cables out of sight—truly putting all the attention on the visuals produced.

And with the Quantum Mini LEDs, you’ll get ultra-fine colors for intense contrast. This is a TV that will continue to grow with you as TV specs improve, with 8K upscaling depending on your source of content.

Samsung OLED 2022 Hands-On

OLED TV Pick: 55-inch Class S95B OLED 4K Smart TV (2022)

For this pick, the OLED offers a better picture quality for rooms where you can control the light. During our testing, we found it offered super vibrant pops of color and extreme deep blacks, since the panel is emitting the image. It’s up to $1,000 off depending on the model you choose.

Samsung The Frame 2022 4K QLED Lifestyle

The Frame TV Pick: 55-inch or 65-inch The Frame TV (2022)

Last, but certainly not least is Samsung’s The Frame TV, which has taken the TV experience to the next level. The 2022 model optimized its reflective surface, with more screen visibility and almost no light reflection day or night. It comes with the Slim Fit Wall Mount, so you can hang it flush against the wall or display it with a normal stand.

To top it off, you can customize it with different bezel styles and color options, so that it really appears as if it’s a piece of artwork in your home when you enable Art Mode. If you want access to an assortment of classic artwork pieces to display (including the Mona Lisa), you will need to sign up for a subscription.

32-inch TV: $549.99, originally $599.9943-inch TV: $799.99, originally $999.9950-inch TV: $899.99, originally $1,299.9955-inch TV (top seller): $999.99, originally $1,499.9965-inch TV: $1,599.99, originally $1,999.995-inch TV (best seller) discount): $1,999.99, originally $2,999.9985-inch TV (best discount): $3,299.99, originally $4,299.99

Prices are accurate and items in stock at the time of publishing.

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