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Security Token Group Completes $3 Million Series A Financing, Strategic Investments from Blizzard Fund, Exodus, Blue Bay Ventures

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Kyle Sonlin

Security Token Group (STG), a venture capital studio focused on building financial infrastructure to support the growth and development of the security token industry, is pleased to announce the close of the company’s $3 million Series A funding round,” by Blue Bay Ventures and includes strategic investments from Blizzard Funds (Ava Labs / Avalanche’s venture capital fund), Exodus and #miamitech leaders.”

Herwig Konings, CEO of Security Token Group, said:

“Security Token Group is pleased to announce the close of our Series A funding round, which will drive resources towards innovation in our portfolio. The industry is going through a moment of hyperbolic growth with new tokenizations in corporate, real estate, fund products and more It’s happening almost every day. We can’t wait to work with these strategic partners to build a track that reduces industry pain points to scale to an institutional level where even Wall Street can engage.”

Security Token Group wholly owns subsidiary Security Token Market (STM), which claims to be the largest repository of security token transaction data and news, “with a real-time transaction data feed for over 200 security tokens, with a current market cap of $20B , while also tracking over 500 major products.”

STM also produces professional media shows around the larger blockchain industry, “including The Security Token Show, Spilling the NFTea, Open Tab, and Crypto Con Leche, among others, amassing millions of impressions on social media, with millions of views. Thousands of hours and listening through its YouTube and Podcast channels.”

Security Token Market recently “made headlines by announcing its own tokenized crowdfunding campaign, which has shown great interest during the current “testing the waters”, in the top 90 countries, from 25 countries More than 1,000 investors have pledged more than $6 million a day.”

The crowdsale will take the form of a “security token,” meaning that investors in the campaign will receive digital tokens that represent an investment in the company.

Kyle Sonlin, CEO of Security Token Market and co-founder of Security Token Group, said:

“The Security Token Market team was overwhelmed by the interest shown in our crowdfunding announcement. We have seen a significant increase in the appeal of our data platform and media assets, and are excited to be the next second in driving crowdfunding campaigns through security token offerings. A pioneer in secondary market liquidity. It is also important for us to issue tokens in the right way — by complying with securities laws and creating products that support the new benefits of tokenization.”

With its Series A funding commitment, STG will also “seek to expand into its other business verticals, namely Security Token Advisors (STA) and Security Token Capital (STC)”.

Security Token Advisors claims to be “the security token industry’s leading advisory firm, helping asset owners—from business owners and family offices with large real estate portfolios to governments and sovereign funds—use blockchain technology to successfully execute securitizations.”

These engagements include leading asset owners “through the process of asset tokenization, starting with token structuring and working with applicable providers, including legal support, broker-dealer engagement, and investor relations strategies.”

STA’s experienced team “has passed many compliant securities offerings and has worked with a variety of asset classes and jurisdictions.”

Security Token Capital will “prepare to launch tokenized investment products that utilize blockchain technology to provide investors with new returns and efficiency gains.”

This new vertical will “help support the industry by creating institutional investment products designed to introduce security tokens to more professional investors and retail traders.”

Since its founding more than 4 years ago, Security Token Group has “assembled a diverse team of over 25 talented people in Miami, Florida.”

The company has built industry trust and a strong reputation “through its commitment to issuing compliant digital securities globally.”

This Series A investment “provides the company with additional growth capital and strategic investment to help STG gain market share in this growing industry supported by investment banks and regulators alike.”

John Nahas, VP of Business Development at Ava Labs, said:

“I first came across Security Token Market through their podcast and quickly learned of their vital role in the industry. The entire Security Token Group is leading the way in tokenization education, adoption, market transparency and community development status.”

Exodus CEO JP Richardson added:

“The Security Token Group has continued to innovate since the inception of the security token industry. We are very excited to work closely with their team to drive adoption in the digital securities industry. Security tokens have tremendous opportunities to disrupt capital markets and create more efficient financial solutions,”

GP Nico Pantelis of Blue Bay Ventures said:

“Blue Bay Ventures is long-term bullish on the future of tokenized assets and securities. Security Token Group is a company in the midst of it all. Herwig and Kyle are extraordinary entrepreneurs, and we have full confidence in the execution of the STG team. Its platform It will definitely lead the capital markets to adopt the new security token industry.”

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