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stock exchange fell 2 times in a row and closed at 30.662 yuan, reaching a new low in 1 week | Anue tycoon

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stock exchange fell 2 times in a row and closed at 30.662 yuan, reaching a new low in 1 week | Anue tycoon

The Taipei stock market fell into a long-short tug-of-war today (7th). It closed with a depreciation of 2.4 cents or 0.08%, marking the second consecutive depreciation and hitting a one-week low. The total turnover of the foreign exchange markets in Taipei and Yuantai was US$1.2625 billion.

Asian currencies experienced a big dive yesterday, and the international dollar continued to rise today. After the NT dollar opened at 30.67 yuan, the buying of the US dollar continued to emerge, making the exchange rate the lowest to 30.705 yuan, a depreciation of 6.7 cents, and a final depreciation of 2.4 cents, closing at 30.662 yuan. The transaction value of the Taipei foreign exchange market was 916 million US dollars, and the turnover of the Yuantai foreign exchange market was 346.5 million US dollars.

Taiwan’s stock market fluctuated up and down today, and the bulls and bears were fiercely attacking and defending. Although financial stocks played an important role in supporting the market, the broader market once rose by nearly 100 points, but the selling pressure came out, and electronic weight stocks were weak. It closed at the lowest point of 14630.01 points in the whole market, and back-tested the monthly line support. The three major legal persons have sold over 8.385 billion yuan in total, and foreign investors have sold 2 in a row.

The U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) will hold its last regular meeting of the year next week. Traders expect to raise interest rates by 2 yards. At that time, the benchmark interest rate will reach a range of 4.25% to 4.5%. Interest rates will be higher than market expectations, rising above 5%.

Observe the performance of major currencies against the U.S. dollar today. According to statistics from the central bank, the U.S. dollar index rose by 0.49%, the Vietnamese dong rose by 0.57%, the renminbi rebounded by 0.26%, the yen depreciated by 0.35%, the euro depreciated by 0.3%, the Korean won depreciated by 0.22%, and the Singapore dollar depreciated. 0.15%, the New Taiwan dollar depreciated slightly by 0.08%, and Asian currencies were mixed.

New Taiwan dollar recent exchange rate trend. (Picture: Juheng.com)

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