Home News STOCK MARKET NEWS:Nasdaq turns higher in choppy trading, oil falls to $88

STOCK MARKET NEWS:Nasdaq turns higher in choppy trading, oil falls to $88

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STOCK MARKET NEWS:Nasdaq turns higher in choppy trading, oil falls to $88

White’s 2024 election speculation: Newsom could be a ‘dangerous threat’

Kaylee McGhee White of the Washington Examiner discusses California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Florida ad and the 2024 presidential election.

Social media companies should ‘hold to a higher standard’ in preventing mass shootings: Ret.NYPD

Retired NYPD Lieutenant Joe Cardinale said the Highland Park gunman “fell into the cracks of social media security surveillance.”

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Recession woes send oil prices lower


U.S. crude fell more than 9% to $88 a barrel on rising recession forecasts, including the Atlanta Federal Reserve’s GDPNow, which now forecasts a 2.1% drop in second-quarter growth, possibly confirming a recession.

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Nasdaq curbs losses


Nasdaq Composite Index.



The Nasdaq Composite capped losses early in the afternoon, helped by gains in Micron, Dollar Tree, Google and Amazon.

TSA sets pandemic-era record for July 4 weekend

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screened more than 9 million travelers between Thursday and Sunday.

As of Monday, TSA officials screened about 11.3 million people, and more than 2.49 million traveled to the airport on Friday — a pandemic-era record.

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U.S. could slip into recession

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Dow falls 500+ points, oil falls below $100 a barrel

Dow Jones Average.



Investors continued to sell U.S. stocks after a long holiday week on July 4, with all three benchmark averages down more than 1 percent in early trade ahead of Friday’s widely-watched June jobs report. In commodities, oil prices fell sharply by nearly 6% in today’s session, hovering at $91 a barrel.

Gasoline prices continue to decline slowly, with the national average falling to $4.80

Natural gas prices have continued to decline slowly since the national average for regular gasoline topped $5.00 a gallon last month.

This is the highest gasoline price record since AAA Motor Group began tracking data in 2000.

A gallon of regular gasoline was at $4.80 as of Tuesday morning, down 80 cents from a week earlier.

Gasoline prices are still well above their July 2021 prices, when the average price of a gallon was $3.13, according to AAA.

Bitcoin falls below $20,000

Cryptocurrency prices initially fell on Tuesday morning as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin were all in negative territory.

Around 5 a.m. ET, bitcoin was trading around $19,815 (-2.17%), down around $440. For the week, Bitcoin fell nearly 2.4%. This month, Bitcoin is down about 32%.

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