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stocks and foreign exchange have been adjusted to 29.933 yuan in a row | Anue Juheng-Forex

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stocks and foreign exchange have been adjusted to 29.933 yuan in a row | Anue Juheng-Forex

The trading volume of the Taipei stock exchange market today (27) can still be sluggish. Foreign investors are holding back and waiting for the latest interest rate decision by the US Federal Reserve. The rise in risk aversion has led to the strengthening of the US dollar. 1.9 points to close at 29.933 yuan, the second consecutive depreciation. The total transaction value of Taipei and Yuantai foreign exchange markets was 1.2465 billion US dollars.

The NTD/USD has recently fallen into a range-bound pattern. The central bank has continued to keep an eye on it, and it is still before the 30 mark. Today, the exchange rate reached a maximum of 29.92 yuan and a minimum of 29.947 yuan. 1.9 points, the turnover of Taipei foreign exchange market was 872 million US dollars, and the turnover of Yuantai foreign exchange market was 374.5 million US dollars.

US consumer confidence fell for three consecutive months in July, and new home sales fell to the lowest level in more than two years, renewing fears of a recession. The Federal Reserve will announce the conclusion of the interest rate meeting on Wednesday (27th) Eastern Time, and the market generally expects to raise interest rates by 3 yards.

Observing the exchange rate performance of major currencies against the US dollar, according to the statistics of the central bank, the US dollar index rebounded by 0.51% today, the Korean won fell sharply by 0.78%, the euro fell by 0.43%, the Japanese yen fell by 0.25%, the Singapore dollar fell by 0.2%, and the RMB and the New Taiwan dollar both fell by 0.06% , Asian currencies weakened across the board.

Taiwan stocks were volatile today, and the intraday selling pressure came out. The broader market once broke the 10-day line. With the stabilization of electronic weight stocks such as the wafer duo, TSMC returned to above 500 yuan. In addition, shipping stocks recovered and assisted. The incentive-weighted index flickered red, up 114 points at the end, and closed at a game-high 14,921 points. The foreign capital stopped selling 3 consecutively, and turned to buying more than 6.159 billion yuan.

The recent exchange rate trend of the New Taiwan Dollar. (Picture: Juheng.com)

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