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Taiwan’s central bank hawks raised interest rates and rose nearly 2 cents to reach 28.258 yuan, the strongest Asian currency | Anue Juheng

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After the US Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 1 yard, the Central Bank of Taiwan also announced a 1 yard increase in the afternoon of yesterday (17). The hawkish move surprised the market. Corner, recovered the 28.4 and 28.3 yuan levels in one breath, and reached a maximum of 28.258 yuan, recovering the ground lost in the past two weeks, and the strength of the foreign exchange was quite strong. However, Taiwan stocks fluctuated in early trading, electronic stocks were weak, and financial stocks benefited. Interest and interest news, the stock price performance is relatively strong.

The central bank followed the Fed’s footsteps and raised interest rates by 1 yard ahead of schedule, ending the 7-year freeze in interest rates, which means that the era of cheap funds for more than 10 years has come to an end, and the hawkish style has caused heated discussions in the market. Tightening” direction to combat stubbornly high inflation. The central bank predicts that the economic growth rate this year will be 4.05%, and the annual growth rates of the annual CPI and core CPI will be 2.37% and 1.93% respectively.

The exchange rate of the New Taiwan dollar has already launched a strong bounce yesterday. With the hawkish interest rate hike by the Central Bank, it is expected to keep funds in Taiwan. After the New Taiwan dollar appreciated at 28.44 yuan against the US dollar today, it immediately rose all the way. As of 11:00 a.m., the highest It came to 28.258 yuan, an appreciation of as much as 1.98 yuan, the highest point since March 7, and it also reappeared at the beginning of 28.2 in the past two weeks. It remains to be seen whether foreign hot money continues to flow back in the afternoon.

In terms of Taiwan stocks, as the geopolitical factors of Russia and Ukraine have not yet been eliminated, the market is tug-of-war, electronic stocks generally weakened, TSMC, MediaTek, Yageo, etc. were under selling pressure, and shipping stocks were also unable to support the market. Evergreen and Wanhai fell by more than 3%. , while financial stocks benefited from interest rate hikes and bullish performance, the weighted index fluctuated around flat in early trading, once falling below 17,400 points.

Looking at the performance of major Asian currencies, the New Taiwan dollar rose 0.38% in early trading today, the strongest among Asian currencies, while the Korean won depreciated by 0.15%, and the Singapore dollar, Japanese yen and RMB also depreciated by 0.12-0.13%.

The recent exchange rate trend of the New Taiwan Dollar. (Picture: Juheng.com)

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