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Tesla’s Elon Musk Wants to Be a Beloved Genius

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Genius is not welcome.

Throughout their lives, they were condemned, often by their peers, as gems.

Their division of labor is as much as their work. History is full of them, from art to technology to science.

They are usually rehabilitated after disappearance. In most cases, it is advisable to separate work, personal achievement, and genius, in the hope that critics will eventually see the peculiarity and uniqueness of these exceptional individuals.

If Elon Musk’s critics and admirers agree on one thing, it’s the whimsical Tesla CEO (TSLA) – Get Tesla Inc report SpaceX is a visionary. A boss who plays in his backyard and the rules only apply to him. A boss whose every word, every intervention will make you react positively or negatively.

Musk seems to know his place in our society now. And to those who condemned him, he seemed to have a message: love me.

Is Musk a genius?

In a series of Twitter posts on Saturday, the billionaire wrote a message in his favorite form of communication, echoing the idea of ​​genius.

“Genius is often rejected by society,” Musk wrote above an open oven where four slices of pizza appeared to be cooking.

Most interestingly, three of the four pizzas appeared to have the same ingredients. The fourth tablet contains significantly different ingredients. And this pizza is right next to the oven door. It was as if it was about to pop out of the oven, and the three slices with the same ingredients seemed to be wedged inside, nicely kept warm by the heat of the oven.

Musk had no further comment. He asked us to comment on Tesla and SpaceX products and geopolitical issues through posts, as he likes to explain on his Twitter account.

He sometimes jokes, quotes writers and poets, or expresses his love to Canadian singer Grimes (his ex and mother of two).

It’s unclear if Musk sees himself as a pizza slice about to pop out of the oven.

At the time of writing, the posted message has been liked by nearly 360,000 users. Musk has more than 78 million Twitter followers.

This article has aroused great sympathy. Some users said Musk was misunderstood, while others wanted to hug him.

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“I feel so grateful when I see your mark on the world and how many misunderstandings you have endured because I lived to witness history while you walked the earth,” one user wrote. I didn’t deify you; totally imperfect—and a national treasure. Thank you.”

“Rejection doesn’t mean you’re not good enough; it means other people aren’t paying attention to what you have to offer,” another user commented.

“It’s time to embrace E,” another user said.

But there are also people who want to tell Musk that he may not be a genius.

“You’re not one of them,” commented one user.

“If you’re rejected by society, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a genius,” another added.

Musk split

since apple (AAPL) – Get Apple Inc. Report Steve Jobs, no other boss arouses people’s enthusiasm like Elon Musk. He is recognized as one of the architects of the transport sector’s transition to electric vehicles, which are less polluting than gasoline vehicles. But at the same time, we tend to remind his admirers and fans that he didn’t start Tesla.

On the one hand, we applaud SpaceX’s involvement in reviving the conquest of space, and on the other, we wonder why Musk couldn’t focus on solving problems on Earth in the first place.

There are doubts about his sincerity as he provides aid to Ukraine and the Ukrainians invaded by Russia, and there are constant doubts about whether he is really serious about a conflict that has killed hundreds and displaced millions.

We like to list his failures and unfulfilled promises: self-driving cars, electric buses, black employees complaining about discrimination at Tesla, opposition to unions.

We are monitoring the progress of Neuralink, a company founded by Musk, which is developing a brain implant that connects the human brain directly to a computer.

The various controversies that Elon Musk has created are a long list, from a Twitter battle with US politicians to creating turmoil for Tesla stockholders to criticism of the SEC, the world’s richest man I don’t want to hide my opinion.

His net worth was estimated at about $232 billion as of Friday, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Elon Musk wants to be in the annals of history, but there will undoubtedly be a price to pay.

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