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The Best Anker Black Friday Deals

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The Best Anker Black Friday Deals

Whether you need a speedy wall plug, a functional wireless charger, or a durable cable, there is a good chance you’ve considered a product from Anker and may not have even realized it. But it’s for good reason — Anker is a highly rated tech brand, and throughout our extensive electronics testing, its been a good choice that holds up.

But now the shopping day event of the year is here (Black Friday, that is), and the floodgates have opened for deep discounts on all sorts of Anker products. You can see all the items up for grabs from Anker directly here and on Amazon, but ahead I’m breaking out my favourites.


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Price: $12.99, originally $17.99 at Anker or Amazon

How could we not start with one of the best deals on a seriously unique charger? The Nano Pro is a tiny wall plug with a single USB-C port that comes in a range of colors. You can choose from Arctic White, Glacier Blue, Powder Pink, Cool Lavender, or Black. Regardless of the shade, you can plug in any phone for a zippy 20-watt charge.

Anker Portable Apple Watch Charger

Price: $27.99, originally $34.99 at Amazon

While your Apple Watch comes with a charger in the box, it’s likely going to stay at home. Anker made an MFi Certified Apple Watch charger that is cordless and compact. You’ll just need to plug it into a USB-A plug and place your Apple Watch to start charging.

anchor 735 ganprime charger

Price: $41.99, originally $59.99 at Amazon or Anker

You can see my full review on the 735 charger here, but simply put, it’s a 65-watt charger with three ports. All-in-all it’s a compact plug that has become a travel essential for keeping multiple devices fully charged.

Anker 543 USB-C to USB-C Cable

Price: $15.99, originally $19.99 at Amazon

You can never have too many cables, and whether you need to charge a Pixel, Galaxy Z Flip, Nintendo Switch, or MacBook Air this Anker 543 cable fits the bill. It’s a six foot USB-C to USB-C cable that is made from a bio-based material and it’s exclusive to Anker.

anchor powerhouse bundle

Price: $1,699.99, originally $1,999.99 at Anker

This bundle pairs the PowerHouse 1229Wh with 200W Solar Panels. And unlike a simple portable battery, this PowerHouse is stacked with batteries and a bevy of ports to keep you charged. It’s ideal to have on hand for potential outages or in the trunk of a car, and is a must for anyone living that van life.

Anchor 622 Magnetic Battery

Price: $44.99, originally $59.99 at Amazon or Anker

Just like Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack, this Anker 622 MagGo will magnetically attach to the back of your iPhone 12, 13, or 14 and will wirelessly charge it. Anker aims to level up the experience it has a USB-C port to plug-in and charge as well as a kickstand that is built-in to prop up your iPhone.

Anker 622 with PopSocket

Price: $39.99, originally $69.99 at Amazon

Add PopSocket to a kickstand? Anker makes a 622 MagGo Battery for your iPhone that fulfills that wish. Rather than a kickstand built-in, you get a PopSocket built into the battery.

anchor 521 power bank and wall plug

Price: $45.49, originally $69.99 at Amazon

Anker’s 521 is a pretty unique wall-plug as it features a 5,000mAh battery that can keep your devices refueled while on the go. It also sports two USB-C ports and a wall plug that collapses in for easy travel.

eufy robovac g30

Price: $179.99, originally $318.99 at Amazon

Anker also makes robot vacuums under the Eufy brand and the RoboVac G30 is seeing a sharp $139 discount for Black Friday. For $179.99, you get a circular robot vacuum that will map out the cleaning zone and integrate with Alexa.

Prices are accurate and items in stock at the time of publishing.

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