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The Best New Shows And Movies About Journalism On Netflix, HBO Max, And More

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The Best New Shows And Movies About Journalism On Netflix, HBO Max, And More

Many of the familiar themes associated with modern journalism come to fruition in the first ten minutes or so of Netflix’s new NFLX series “The Reporter” – a six-episode Japanese production that revolves around a maverick, always stylishly dressed Newspapers produce reporters we first meet at press conferences. Journalist Anna Matsuda glared at her from behind a microphone as she questioned a government worker over alleged misuse of public funds.

Also in the opening moments of the series, which debuted on Netflix earlier this year – but somewhat overlooked – we get a glimpse of a powerful state bureaucracy and the scene where shady agents step in to arrest someone. There was also a young man who, ironically, worked for Matsuda’s newspaper, but didn’t actually read it. That’s what his smartphone is for, he admits.

An older man blamed his lack of enthusiasm for the newspaper’s efforts to hold power. “That’s the problem with young people these days.”

Directed by director Michihito Fujii, the series is an example that news fans will surely appreciate, under the constant onslaught of fresh streaming releases on major platforms: news is actually the backdrop for many of the latest productions. From Netflix to HBO Max and even Roku, investment in original content has been steadily increasing over the year.

news reader

In addition to the aforementioned Netflix’s “Reporter,” Roku’s original content includes an Australian drama, “The News Reader,” set in 1986 in the world of broadcast news. With Sam Reed and Anna Torf playing TV reporter Dale Jennings and Star News anchor Helen Norville respectively, the show builds a story around that relationship about TV reporters covering the big stories of the day . Including the Challenger space shuttle disaster, the AIDS crisis, and more.

Like the Rolling Stones: The Life and Times of Ben Fong-Torres

I have written in great detail The focus of this documentary is on a former Rolling Stone rock writer who captured — some would say, he defines it with his pen — one of the most prosperous times in modern pop history. Bottom line: The film, directed by director Suzanne Joe Kai, is both a behind-the-scenes look at journalism and a time capsule for music fans. Voices and fashion have changed, as have the combative staff and long-form narrative that defines the Rolling Stone edition presented here. People with cult followings are ultimately forced to comply with the demands of the internet.

Photographer: The Pinamar Murder

The dangers faced by journalists in some Latin American countries are well documented. This special Netflix documentary tells the story of the 1997 murder of a photojournalist in Argentina. However, the killing of Jose Luis Cabezas not only shocked the entire country. As Netflix’s official summary explains, “it finally revealed an organized crime network that appeared to involve the country’s political and financial elite.”

tokyo vice

HBO Max’s stylish new film “Tokyo Sight” is a thriller that mixes American journalist gangster gangsters and Tokyo’s sleazy neon underbelly into one that has been criticized as a “black newspaper. ” The show was drawn loosely from reporters book by jack adelstein “Tokyo Storm: The American Journalist Who Was Beaten by Japanese Police.” If you don’t dive into this story about an American journalist and his exploits in and around Tokyo’s underworld, the result is a thrilling crime drama that should It is easy to attract news junkies and general audiences alike.


When director Daniel Roher’s documentary about Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny came out in April, the film took me so seriously that the next night I went back to Go back and read it again.

‘Navani’ tells how the 45-year-old dissident politician — and fierce Putin critic — became one of the few Kremlin-backed poisoning attempts involving the nerve agent Novichok one of the surviving people. After his recovery, the charismatic Navalny not only picked up where he left off with his anti-corruption and pro-democracy activism — he also connected with Bellingcat investigative reporter Christo Grozev , who helped him use international media attention to name and shame the killer who tried to kill him.

The documentary, which aired on HBO Max on May 26, followed its initial run on CNN+ before the latter suddenly imploded. Part spy thriller, part news adventure unfolding in real time, part prequel to Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, “Navalny” is largely the story of a man who accepts his eventual incarceration in Russia — and he still remains There, in the second criminal detention center in the town of Pokrov, east of Moscow. After acknowledging the inevitability, he relied on the strength of citizen and institutional journalism to continually attack Putin’s kleptocracy for greed and malfeasance during his final weeks and months as a free man.

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