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The central bank keeps the 29th prefix and slightly depreciated to 29.997 yuan | Anue Juheng-Forex

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The central bank keeps the 29th prefix and slightly depreciated to 29.997 yuan | Anue Juheng-Forex

On the eve of the latest inflation report released by the United States, foreign capital withdrew 17.8 billion yuan in Taiwan stocks today (10) and favored remittances. Steady on the 29th prefix, some exporters also joined the ranks of foreign exchange throwers, driving the exchange rate to close at the highest of 29.997 yuan, a slight decrease of 0.7 cents. The total transaction value of the Taipei and Yuantai foreign exchange markets was 1.358 billion US dollars, a slight increase from the previous day. .

The exchange rate of the New Taiwan dollar against the U.S. dollar tested the 30 yuan mark during the session for the 8th consecutive day, with a minimum of 30.05 yuan, a depreciation of 6 points, a new low since the beginning of August. However, the central bank has recently intervened frequently in late trading to adjust the exchange rate. 29, closing today at 29.997 yuan, a slight depreciation of 0.7 cents. The turnover in the Taipei foreign exchange market was 932 million US dollars, and the turnover in the Yuantai foreign exchange market was 426 million US dollars.

U.S. stocks fell by more than 4% on Tuesday. Taiwan stocks were affected by the pressure of electronic weight stocks today, breaking the 10,000 mark. Although financial stocks continued to play an important role in supporting the market, optics, automotive electronics, and biomedicine have also become funds. Safe haven, the weighted index still fell 111 points at the end to close at 14939 points, falling below the 5-day line. The three major legal persons sold more than 19.061 billion yuan, of which foreign capital cut 17.8 billion yuan, which was three consecutive sales.

The market focused on Wednesday’s consumer price index report. It is expected that US inflation will ease in July. Investors generally hold a wait-and-see attitude. The US dollar index fell slightly on Tuesday, hovering around 106. Traders are still estimating a 69 percent chance that the Fed will raise rates by 3 yards at its September meeting.

The recent exchange rate trend of the New Taiwan Dollar. (Picture: Juheng.com)

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