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The Phluid Project Partners With Scent Beauty For Genderless Fragrance Line

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The Phluid Project Partners With Scent Beauty For Genderless Fragrance Line

Scent Beauty has partnered with The Phluid Project to launch a fragrance line. The genderless collection consists of four scents: Humanity, Transcend, Intention and Balance. “We’re trying to build brands that are culturally relevant,” said Scent Beauty CEO Steve Morris. “Phluid Project was the first brand we signed three years ago before Covid-19.

“We believed in the concept and meaning of The Phluid Project from the beginning, when it was just a standalone store in midtown Manhattan,” said Morris. “It is now a globally relevant brand. We believe that the target audience in the fragrance category is the LGBTQ+ and larger groups that continue to emerge and receive equal rights across the globe.”

Mormoris said the Phluid Project brand can carry fragrance products, “because fragrance is about intimacy, it’s non-discriminatory, it’s a form of freedom.

“Working with the Phluid Project, we’ve been inspired by how we can create fragrances that truly reflect these values,” Mormoris added. “We decided that, going into this project, we were going to make some modifications to the product portfolio brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. We moved to formulas that hydrate the skin, and we used them as a metaphor for the gender fluidity that is happening today. We believe And excited about the products. They’re well-received by consumers. We’re touching every part of this community, and we can see a community that loves fragrance. It’s just another beautiful element that ties everyone together.

“The movement represented by the Phluid Project is no longer on the fringes of society,” Morris said. “It’s the core of society and I think retailers are late because people like us come in with brands talking about that message. There are images of photo shoots and the way we cast models, lesbian, non-binary, Gay and trans models. It’s important to find people who are beautiful inside and out.”

Rob Smith, CEO of The Phluid Project, listened to customers and the community who wanted longer-lasting scents. “Hopefully we’ll keep adding, so there will be more. They’re so common and each one has so many layers,” Smith said. “The artisans who create the fragrance capture the idea of ​​blending traditional feminine notes (floral and fruity) with masculine notes (often earthy and woody).”

Of the ad campaign, Smith said: “It’s important to find people who are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. Some see traditional beauty, others go beyond the classic, traditional look. They are members of The Phluid community who wholeheartedly support this The sport, this vision and this product. It was a pleasure working with them.”

Retail price or $55 for a 1.7-ounce perfume. A travel size of four small bottles of perfume is $20, and a discovery size is $9.95.

The fragrances are available at Macys.com and Sephora. “We think the brand has the ability and need to reach a larger audience,” Smith said. “We’re looking at retailers like Target, TGT Boots in the UK and Tmall in China. Every retailer we’ve shown the brand is excited about this world revolution as the LGBTQ+ community is fully integrated. This It’s a huge empty space.”

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