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The Surprising Cities Where Uber Rides Are Most Expensive

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The Surprising Cities Where Uber Rides Are Most Expensive

Although Uber (UBER) – Get Uber Technologies Inc. Report Initially as an alternative to high prices and the unpredictability of taxi travel, the gap is closing. Between soaring gas prices and market dominance, Uber’s average price rose 92% between 2018 and 2021.

Online lender NetCredit recently calculated the cost of Uber in different cities and countries. Among the 30 largest cities in the world, it looks at the 10-kilometer or 6.2-mile drive from the city center.

Where should you basically never get an Uber?

In the U.S., New York is the most expensive city for a ride — with an average price of $34.74.

From personal experience, a recent night taxi from John F. Kennedy Airport to Manhattan set me back about $75 in tip, while the cheapest Uber ride to the same location was $85.

Nashville is only slightly behind at $34.63, and an isometric ride in Detroit or San Antonio is only $12.60 and $13.45, respectively.

Los Angeles’ $18.58 was a surprise given that California has some of the highest natural gas prices in the country.

“What hurts Uber customers so much in New York is not that the service is expensive, it’s that it’s much worse than it was before,” the report reads. “In just a few months in the year before the pandemic, the city’s Uber usage fell by 16%, compounded by the fact that the new congestion charge coupled with the ‘artificial cheapness’ of the ride-sharing app to build the service.”

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Washington, D.C. didn’t make the list of Uber’s 10 most expensive capital cities. Bern in Switzerland tops the list, with a 10km ride costing $42.80.

Back in March, Uber and Lyft added a $0.55 fuel surcharge to all of their trips in the U.S. to offset soaring gasoline prices during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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“In many cities in Europe, we’ve increased Uber prices to help drivers cope with the recent spike in operating costs,” an Uber spokesperson said of the recent price hike in April. “As always, passengers will get the ride price before booking the ride.”

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Cities such as Oslo, Tokyo, Paris and Dublin dominated the top five capitals with the most expensive rides – all of which would cost more than $28 for such a long ride.

Cities in Pakistan, Nigeria and India dominate the list of cheapest Uber cities in the world due to global currency and income inequality.

But in the U.S., oil and gas-loving Texas remains one of the cheapest places to use a ride-hailing app.

See the full list of cities here.

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