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The world situation is worsening, legendary investor Jim Rogers talks about the future layout | Anue Juheng-Forex

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The world situation is worsening, legendary investor Jim Rogers talks about the future layout | Anue Juheng-Forex

The world situation is deteriorating, and the investment market is affected by geopolitical risks, inflation, and the death of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. How should we plan and respond in the future? Legendary investor Jim Rogers recently accepted the “Japanese Economy”. Insights in an exclusive interview with News.

Jim Rogers said in response to the current situation of the world economy and market, especially in the United States, there have been no major problems in the past 30 years, but at present, inflation has intensified, interest rates have continued to rise, problems have begun to appear in the world, and the world’s pessimistic views are increasing. .

However, he also believes that sooner or later the world will turn to optimism, and then see a decent rise, and if the Ukraine issue is resolved, crude oil and wheat prices will also fall. Then the central bank’s attitude will change to “no problem, no need to worry”, and the money will be injected into the market, and then there will be cheers from the market.

However, this rise may be the last rise, the governments of various countries and regions are burdened with excessive debt, and after the rise, it will lead to a huge bubble collapse and then usher in an obvious bear market.

Jim Rogers told the Nikkei reporter that he believes that in a bear market, even in the final stages of a bull market, one should hold assets that will rise. In the case of central bank injection of funds, commodities, rice, wheat, copper and crude oil should be invested in, which are all ways to protect their own assets.

And on the dollar, Jim Rogers said the United States is a huge debtor country, worse than Japan, and getting worse every day. But Jim Rogers also stressed that he holds a lot of dollars on the grounds that the greenback acts as a safe haven when things go wrong and that it will rise when conditions deteriorate. But he also thinks it is time to sell the US dollar, because the US is a debtor country, but the US dollar is overvalued, and he cannot judge where to invest the money, because there is no stronger currency than the US dollar, and he is still looking for the future of the US dollar. competitor.

In addition, although Jim Rogers believes that in terms of economic scale, the renminbi is a logical option, but the problem is the lack of convertibility.

The topic turned to Abe’s economic policy. Although Jim Rogers has always been critical of “Abenomics”, he also believes that this is not the reason for Abe’s killing at all.

On the issue of the yen exchange rate, Jim Rogers said that the yen against the dollar, even if the yen fell to 360 is also possible. He believes that although this situation will not happen immediately, it is possible if the current situation continues.

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