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Three Things That Would Have Improved Our House Moving Experience

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Three Things That Would Have Improved Our House Moving Experience

It’s been a while since I posted here. The main reason is that my wife and I have been consumed by moving for the past few months.

However, we don’t just move. We also moved to cities and villages.

Specifically, we’ve moved 500 miles north (excuse the pun!) from Brighton in England to Edinburgh in Scotland, which operates under different laws and property market rules.

Now, our initiative has been successful, and we’ve had the help of several very good legal professionals along the way. But, in general, the service we got from the other lawyers, banks, mortgage advisors and real estate agents we met along the way was very, very fragmented.

I’m surprised considering how important and stressful moving is for many people, how competitive the market is, and how many companies claim that customer service is very important to them.

However, after reviewing our entire experience, it occurred to me that in order to turn a fragmented service experience into a more enjoyable and memorable one, not much needs to be changed, for the right reasons.

Here’s a list of three simple things that would make our experience a lot better if most of the professional service providers we deal with did this.

1. Manage our expectations

From the beginning, set and manage our expectations. Help us understand what you expect, what you expect from us, and what we expect from you.

This includes helping us understand how long things take and warning us that there may be unexpected, additional and new requests for information as each transaction is different and things change.

Apply your experience and judgment here as much as possible, as you are an expert in these matters, not us.

2. Keep us informed

Let’s see how things are going, what we can expect to happen next and when that might happen.

However, make sure you do so proactively.

If we do not hear from you within a few days, please do not let us track down your information. You are the one with direct access to systems and information.

This is especially true as we approach the end of the week. Please understand that if we don’t hear anything from you over the weekend, this may cause us to worry about what happened over the weekend. There’s nothing worse than not knowing what’s going on over the weekend, especially when it’s time to move.

So even if you have to message us this week when you need to say you have no new information but everything is working as normal and we should enjoy our weekend, please do so. I will help you. After all, “no new information” is also information.

3. Advocate for us

We understand that unexpected requests for more or additional information may occur. However, if these are the opposite of previous requests, then please be our advocate and reject new requests to find out why this is happening as it was not originally requested. Don’t just be a messenger. Fight for our corner and let us believe you are on our side, not just a messenger or just for commission or your fees.

These things by themselves do not make the process stress-free.

After all, moving is a big deal.

But, they’ll make things a little easier and we’ll help us look back on our experiences more fondly.

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