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TSMC Launches “Pre-registration” Program to Recruit 1,500 Masters and Doctoral Graduates | Anue Juheng- Taiwan Stock News

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TSMC Launches “Pre-registration” Program to Recruit 1,500 Masters and Doctoral Graduates | Anue Juheng- Taiwan Stock News

Wafer foundry leader TSMC (2330-TW) (TSM-US) is actively recruiting talents. It will hold TSMC Day today (3rd), and officially launch the “Pre-registration Plan” for 2023 graduate and doctoral students. It is estimated that more than 1,500 people will be recruited, and master and doctoral students in related fields such as electronics and electrical machinery are invited to submit their resumes as soon as possible. They can get the letter of appointment as soon as the end of this year, and they will be employed immediately after graduation.

TSMC said that the company’s success comes from a group of like-minded excellent partners. Through innovation ambition, cross-domain thinking ability, and agile execution, it has achieved breakthrough innovation in the semiconductor industry and continued to lead in global competition.

In order to further strengthen the growth momentum, TSMC has started to continuously recruit outstanding talents, launched the “pre-registration plan”, and invited electronics, electrical machinery, optoelectronics, machinery, physics, materials, chemicals, chemistry, labor, asset management, engineering, engineering Master and doctoral students in management and other fields should submit their resumes as soon as possible.

TSMC held TSMC Day today, kicking off a series of pre-registration plan activities. Young students were invited to participate in online lectures to learn about TSMC’s digital transformation vision, forward-looking technology development, and future prospects for the semiconductor industry. There will be a number of online explanations in the future. The meeting will lead students to get to know TSMC and its various organizational units.

TSMC’s “pre-registration” action recruiting car is expected to start in mid-September, and it will tour 16 schools from north to south. This year’s pre-registration interview vehicle is built with the concept of Star Star Universe and Dream-fulfillment Departure, which symbolizes that students who embrace the dream of changing the world with wafer wings are heading towards TSMC’s career.

TSMC stated that the company attaches great importance to its commitment to employee care, is committed to establishing an open, diverse, inclusive and challenging work environment, and provides competitive salaries and benefits. The average annual overall salary of new engineers who have graduated from a master’s degree exceeds NT$2 million. In order to assist new employees to smoothly integrate their work, TSMC will also set up a new employee training center in 2021 to plan a complete training course.

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