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US stock traders pay attention, the market is brewing a new round of big market!Technology stocks may usher in a major short signal

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US stock traders pay attention, the market is brewing a new round of big market!Technology stocks may usher in a major short signal

US stock traders pay attention, the market is brewing a new round of big market!Technology stocks may usher in a major short signal

Standard & Poor’s500Indices and the Nasdaq100Index Technology Outlook:Can sustain recovery for a while

Standard & Poor’s500Since the index hit its lows last month, the market has been thinking that we will see higher prices, but this amounts to a restorative rally rather than the start of a new surge. So far, this view is being confirmed by a volatile upward move in price.

falling in the stock market25%Later, investors lacked confidence in the upside of the stock market, which indicated that the market’s interest in holding stocks was not particularly strong. We haven’t seen the real capitulation that is usually associated with market bottoms, so it’s not surprising.

With the above in mind, it looks like the market will be in trouble again at some point in the not-too-distant future. In fact, the timing is perfect for a classic fall sell-off. Still, the summer rally appears to be able to last a little longer before triggering the next wave of weakness.

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Standard & Poor’s500The index is currently facing downside resistance, which is capping the index’s movement.Perhaps this will cause the index to return to3800.If the daily bar closes above4016point, then we could see it strengthen further, but probably not higher than4200point.

For now, the market may not crash, but it may be difficult to trade as choppy trading could worsen in the coming weeks without a major catalyst. However, the drop by then looks set to bring a lot of volatility to traders again.

S&P500Index Daily Chart

S&P500Index chart atTradingView

Nasdaq100The index is continuing to build a bearish flag pattern, which could signal the start of a new sharp decline at some point in the coming weeks. This leading index overlapped price action should be of particular concern to market bulls.

We may see more signs of strength in the index, but12500The area is expected to beNDXThe highest point before the high was made. The bearish flag pattern is expected to expand further in the coming days and weeks before price finally breaks.

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Nasdaq100Index Daily Chart

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