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When Will Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza Return to the Menu?

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When Will Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza Return to the Menu?

Taco Bell either has very smart marketers who completely believe that any publicity equals good publicity, or they don’t understand their customer base at all. Yum!brand (Yum) – Get Yum!Brand Company Report The chain brought back its beloved Mexican pizza earlier this summer after it was removed from the menu for pandemic-related reasons.

The return comes with a joy, which is usually not typical for fast food chains to bring menu items back. Taco Bell may have underestimated how much people love Mexican pizza, or maybe the eerieness of the past year and a half caused by the pandemic has made customers even more nostalgic.

For whatever reason, the company brought back beloved menu items “forever”, only to sell out within days. This caused it to disappear almost as fast as it appeared in many Taco Bells. The company insists this is not a marketing plan, just that demand is higher than expected.

“The love of our fans is all-encompassing and they’re consuming all of the Mexican pizza. Demand for Mexican pizza is seven times what was on the menu last time, and it’s taking longer to replenish beloved menu items than we like,” the author said. The chain shares on its website.

The company does have plans to bring the most popular pizza back, but fans of Mexican pizza may not be happy with the schedule.

When is Mexican pizza coming back?

Taco Bell insists on its website that it never intended the return of Mexican pizza as a limited-time offer, directly addressing “the whole thing is planned, it’s a limited-time offer.”

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“No. Once we can get Mexican pizza back into the hands and stomachs of our biggest fans, it will be forever,” the chain shared.

The problem is that Taco Bell is particularly vague about when the popular menu item will return.

“You can view the latest details and information here, including when we plan to restore Mexican pizza to its permanent residency on the Taco Bell menu, expected this fall,” the chain shared on its FAQ page.

Simply saying “this fall” is particularly vague, but many social media accounts have set the return for mid-September. It’s not a hard and fast date anyway, as some of the chain’s restaurants have been saying “end of year” when customers ask.

Returns are complicated by the fact that the chain hasn’t completely sold out of Mexican pizza. You can still find it in some places (and an entire website exists to track it).

Taco Bell fans are angry

As you might imagine, many Taco Bell fans aren’t happy with what they see as the fast-food giant’s bait-and-switch at best. Many people expressed their dissatisfaction on Twitter.

Some customers seem reluctant to give Taco Bell a chance to make up for them (though customers seem likely to come back no matter what they release).

However, some fans seem to be very loyal to Mexican pizza.

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