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Whole Foods Has a Secret Menu

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Whole Foods Has a Secret Menu

For those in the know, secret menus are almost as obvious as a chain’s regular offering.

The McDonald’s (MCD) Surf + Turf and Crunchy Double are so popular that even the chain itself will sometimes put them on the menu through its #HackTheMenu promotion.

But the mystery and idea of ​​getting something not everyone knows about still excites many food fans. Entire online communities come together to discuss how to order something like the Chipotle (CMG) Nachos or Cinnamon Toast Drink at Starbucks (SBUX) (an iced white chocolate mocha with extra pumps of white chocolate and cinnamon syrup) without being that annoying person in line or exhausting the worker making it for you.

“Chipotle doesn’t advertise this option, but Nachos are one item that can be made to order at their restaurant chain,” write the authors of #HackTheMenu. “So if you desire a bowl of fresh Chipotle tortilla chips covered in all of the cheese, beans, meat, vegetables, and whichever salsas your heart desires, then don’t be afraid to order.”

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Whole Foods Has Its Own Secrets

Since its launch in 1980, Whole Foods has always been particularly proud of its fish counter — the Amazon (AMZN) -owned supermarket chain works with local fishmongers to present a wide selection of organic and sustainable options.

But while the fish counter will always have wild salmon, tuna and scallops, big foodies may want fresh razor clams, Spanish bonito or the barramundi popular in Australia.

Whole Foods shoppers who truly know their fish are not limited to the counter at their local store, the food site Mashed recently reported. Each location’s seafood department has its own food number and those who call them can speak to a fishmonger who will work to find the specific type of fish desired.

The major caveat is that the fish cannot be endangered, out of season or otherwise under pressure as Whole Foods is strict on sourcing products that do not contribute to overfishing.

“We definitely geek out over this stuff,” Whole Foods says in a blog about its seafood department. “As long as the fish meets our seafood quality standards and is in season, we’ll do our best to get it for you.”

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